rise and shine

Plantbased supplements uniquely formed with adaptogens, bioenhancers, and minerals. Inspired by ancient Eastern medicinal practices and today's relevant, scientific studies.

rise supports growth. We know you make conscious choices about your ambitions and activities, your personal life and your purchases. Our products are here to help you do that.
We encourage, and inspire. You have the will and the way to achieve; we’d like to help you get there, if you’ll let us. 
We help you find your flow. 

rise in the east

Inspiration Meets Activation

rise draws inspiration from tradition, and pairs it with innovation. For us, that means methods that focus on prevention. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine are both about balance. What we now call adaptogens have been used by these medical practices for thousands of years. 

Each rise product has a specific, targeted results while also including multifunctional benefits. The combination mirrors the relationship between East and West, where Eastern-medicinal practices focus on "the whole,” and Western-medicinal practices focus on "the singular.” 

rise within

Sound Science for Proven Results

Nature Intelligence.
Each rise product includes ingredients from three categories: Adaptogens, Minerals, and Bioenhancers. In TCM and Ayurveda, these components have been cherished for generations; now, western science is catching up. 

rise is made from quality ingredients that work in tandem to create effective supplements.   

Adaptogens. We use a blend of adaptogens to restore balance of the body and mind, including the plants rhodiola and ashwaganha, as well as a mix of adaptogenic mushrooms including cordyceps and Reishi. 

Minerals. Our minerals come from shilajit, an ancient resin that contains 85 minerals important for the body. These include calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium. 

Bioenhancers. These naturally sourced ingredients strengthen the effects of the adaptogens we use by increasing the body’s receptivity/bio-availability to them. For our products we use curcumin (from turmeric) and piperin (from black pepper), which work best together. 


let´s shape together

We created rise collab for people who want to shape the world of tomorrow. We created it for people with a purpose.
We are excited to create something new with people surrounding us, to come together, to think to act and to change.