rise in tradition

Sustainable harvesting

We have entrusted the production of our products to a company that has over 40 years of experience in the cultivation and processing of shrooms and is one of the experts in this field of nutritional supplements.

Our shrooms come from the South-East Asian region, where they have been appreciated and consumed for thousands of years for their ingredients. Their cultivation was also developed there.

The knowledge of this millennia-old tradition flows into our products through trusted local farmers, who ensure the cultivation of the plants.

rise against

Not in our products

rise stands for improvement of your health and mind, without judging other choices you make in life. We have high standards and so do the people and companies we choose to work with. As a vegan and sustainable company, we are committed to using the right ingredients. Best quality ingredients. That also means no nasty artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or other enhancers.

We don’t include GMOs, synthetics, or any stimulants, either. The capsules encasing our supplements are made of plant-based cellulose, making our entire product plantbased. They’re also manufactured to the highest possible standards. 

Our chosen partner farms and suppliers use no pesticides and cultivate their crops far away from any industrial or urban contaminants. They provide us with extractions guaranteed free of toxic extraction residues such as methanol, acetone or N-hexane.  We’re also free of potential allergens like soy, gluten, and nuts. Just to be safe, as well as effective.  

rise above

A better world

rise respects nature. That’s why our products are not just complementary, they’re also conscious. We have a holistic approach to production and distribution, which means that all of our products, packaging, and supply chain are strategically and methodically planned for efficiency and sustainability. We apply our natural and ethical philosophy to each step of the journey so that we can leave the smallest footprint possible. For your health, and for the health of the world we all share together. In doing so, we're both respecting the environment that has provided us with the very building blocks of our product, and acknowledging the climate crisis that is sadly in motion. We work with the best suppliers to ensure a top-quality and responsible product, and our partner farms are specifically chosen for the efficacy of the ingredients they grow. It’s the right thing to do, don’t you think?  
We’re doing good so you can be well.