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RISE interprets millennia-old traditions in an innovative way. The most important element is the focus on prevention. Tradi-tional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, the traditional Indian art of healing, set both on balance and the inner equilibrium. We know that adaptogens have been used there for thousands of years and be appreciated. We want to revive these traditions paired with modern science. Each RISE product has a specific and individual benefit, coupled with multifunctional ingredients that enhance your holistic well-being. This combination reflects the relationship between ancient healing arts and modern medicine. The focus on the whole on the one hand and western medicine on the other hand, which focuses on the concrete symptom.


Rise supports growth. We know you make conscious choices about your ambitions and activities, your personal life and your purchases. Our products are here to help you do that. We encourage, and inspire. You have the will and the way to achieve; we’d like to help you get there, if you’ll let us. We help you find your flow.

Rise in Knowledge

Rise believes in transparency and information. We know that wellness is a concept with many facets — sometimes offering more buzz than benefit

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Rise Against

Rise stands for something, rather than against everything. As a vegan, fair-trade, and organic company, we are committed to using the right stuff

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Rise in Power

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Rise Above:
A Better World

Our products are not just complementary, they’re also conscious.